FRANCE INTER - Chantons Sous La Nuit Par Arthur Dreyfus

DJ's Joseph Truflandier and Jérémie Elkaïm discuss Alice and Michi...
Our favorite parts are highlighted.

- That sounds almost out of tune, but it's beautiful, isn't it ?

- It's beautiful. It's from the album of Alice and Michi. For me it's a rich, intelligent and innovative album, and we feel that it's composed with a special intimacy.

- But we are not supposed to know Alice and Michi at all, are we ?

- No we are really not supposed to know them, they are only on the internet, and we can actually find the references on the web site of France Inter, in "Chantons sous la nuit"; so, they are 2 friends since a very long time, Alice Talon and Kono Michi, who met in New York after a decision of Kono Michi, to record this album during six months, in a home studio in Brooklyn, as people do more and more often now.

- That is so classy to have her own studio!

- Kono Michi has a lot of experiences behind her, because she is a classical violinist (she worked a lot in Los Angeles and she recorded some compositions of Emile Sauret) and then she went more and more to the "pop" with her album, which is a music translation ("mise en musique") of japanese poems.

- This pop project, of Kono Michi, looks like this (then we hear it)

- Strange Bloom is a self - produced album, like this singer did that we hear a lot about, Lana Del Ray, I hope they will have as much success as her

- Are they as glamourous as Lana del ray ? do they have the same pulpy lips ?

- They don't have the same lips but they have many more assets

- They don't have any label, no promotion, no touring, they are really alone, I’m saying that for whoever wants to help them ! But that's not a thing that minds we have to be indulgent !

- They have very simple clavier sounds, they play with simple rhythmic things...

- Yes, but I find they have really some gold nuggets in that album, don't they?

- Yes, they do! For me, the ten songs in this album are beautiful, because their talent is really that they have a lot of ideas. They are magicians, they use ridiculous sounds, but they give them some consistency, with the violin but also strange instruments. They play with cardboard tubes, trash cans, and also functions of the calculator. There are some jazz effects, some electro and pop influences, and all that gives a really sensual and meditative result.
I don't speak about the text which is for me a bit like Alain Bashung, but I don't really have the right to say that, you can judge it yourselves.

- You can have it online right now for two weeks and then the album is in shops the 14 february 2012.